Following Doctor’s Orders | Anecdote by James

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Errand, delivery, and courier services in the greater Bozeman, Montana area.

In this series of anecdotes, the owner of MERCURY ERRANDS, James, relates to you a few of the experiences that make MERCURY ERRANDS what it is…a business dedicated to serving its customers. Here we go: Enjoy!

At MERCURY ERRANDS, we take great delight in fulfilling our mission for you. It is our goal to lighten your day by getting things done for you, allowing you to be free to stay in the flow of life. Recently, a Bozeman physician was able to relax and enjoy his planned vacation, because MERCURY ERRANDS was there for him.

Our client had purchased a car from out-of-state and was awaiting the car title in the mail from the seller. Unexpectedly, he received a job reassignment for 30 days — to another state.  He had a two-week vacation already planned, and with the new job assignment looming, he had no time to handle this otherwise small matter of registering his new car and purchasing its new plates. So what did he do?

He hired MERCURY ERRANDS, of course!

When the car title finally arrived in the mail, it was too late for the doctor to register the car in person and pick up the plates for it. So, instead, he sent a package with the title and proof of purchase, as well as photos of his credit card, to the county courthouse in Bozeman.

MERCURY ERRANDS took it from there. We went off to the always busy courthouse to complete the doctor’s orders. After waiting in line for over an hour, we arrived at the desk to complete the registration process and to pick up the car’s new license plates. While at the registration desk, MERCURY ERRANDS called the client, who spoke directly to the clerk. Our client was able to answer a few questions regarding the matter, and the transaction was completed.

With the registration and license plates in hand, MERCURY ERRANDS then headed to FedEX, where we shipped everything overnight to the doc’s vacation address. Now our satisfied physician client could relax and enjoy the rest of his vacation knowing that MERCURY ERRANDS had followed his orders to a T.

At MERCURY ERRANDS, we will always strive to follow your orders precisely. Give James a call at 406-600-9925. We love getting things done for you.


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