A Bird in the Hand… | Anecdote by James

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Errand, delivery, and courier services in the greater Bozeman, Montana area.

In this series of anecdotes, the owner of MERCURY ERRANDS, James, relates to you a few of the experiences that make MERCURY ERRANDS what it is…a business dedicated to serving its customers. Here we go: Enjoy!

Around dinner time one evening, MERCURY ERRANDS received a call from a woman who was hearing bird sounds in the back of her dryer. Concerned that the sounds would make for a sleepless night and concerned for the safety of the bird, she asked us to come over right away.  Though her call was outside of our regular service hours, her passionate request was one that we just could not decline.

MERCURY ERRANDS arrived at the client’s house at about eight o’clock in the evening, prepared to solve this problem.  We pulled the dryer away from the wall, removed the vent hose, and reached up into the wall — but nothing was found!  All was quiet, no noises, no scratching, no moving around. Undeterred, we turned the hose upside down and gave it a gentle shake. No signs of a bird. No noises. Nothing.

However, just as we were about to re-attach the hose to the wall, we heard scratching. Ah ha! Taking the hose again and turning it upside down, we reached in a hand, and lo and behold, a terrified bird was lodged about a foot inside.

The bird had fallen through the vent opening in the roof of our client’s home and dropped its way down the wall to the dryer. In our hand, the newly freed bird flapped its wings. We gently took it outside — and set it free.

Next, MERCURY ERRANDS went about the task of putting the hose and the dryer back into place. While the dryer was pulled out, we tidied up the area behind the dryer that had become quite dirty and dusty — all part of the service for our client.

You see, at MERCURY ERRANDS, we get things done for you — and then some. 🙂 Give James a call at 406-600-9925.

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