Are you busy at work and worried that errands are piling up, or ever felt like you needed an extra pair of hands? Worry no more. That’s where we can help. We are your greatest resource, if time is of the essence. We get things done for you.

MERCURY ERRANDS is like your very own personal errand, courier, and delivery service. We can run errands for you, drop off and pick up items such as prescriptions, groceries, gifts, or we can place a timely shipment for you. You name it! We can do just about anything.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Delivery Service – Fast delivery of urgent letters, small packages and parcels
  • Shopping and delivery
  • Purchase and delivery of office supplies
  • Retail returns and exchanges

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Here at MERCURY ERRANDS we are friendly and reliable. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You will find that we offer competitive rates; our fee schedule is flexible. Just call us for a quote.

Errand services are the up and coming way to get things done in our fast-paced world. To learn more about the popularity of this type of service, go to the Articles Tab above. To learn how we operate, click on  FAQs About Us. To read what our clients have to say about us, click the TESTIMONIALS tab. Or why not just give us a call right now? We’ll be happy to talk to you. Ask for James at 406-600-9925.

Map of Our Service Area

Areas of Service:
Bozeman and Belgrade
Weather permitting: Big Sky, Livingston, and Paradise Valley
Service available upon request to other locales within this area.

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Newly Revised Map

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday — 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday  –on call (urgent matters only)
Sunday —  on call (urgent matters only)

Delivering Common Sense to Big Sky    

Anecdote Logo
Errand, delivery, and courier services in the greater Bozeman, Montana area.

In this series of anecdotes, the owner of MERCURY ERRANDS, James, relates to you a few of the experiences that make MERCURY ERRANDS what it is…a business dedicated to serving its customers. Here we go: Enjoy!

These days, a little common sense may be hard to find, not only in the marketplace of ideas but also in the marts of commerce.

At MERCURY ERRANDS, we are gladly doing something about this state of affairs. For several years, we have been delivering common sense with a twist: ‘common scents.’ You see, Big Sky, Montana, is without a flower shop, and Bozeman is one hour away.

Partnering with Labellum, a popular Bozeman floral shop, MERCURY ERRANDS transports frequent orders of numerous floral arrangements to a particular client at a mountaintop Big Sky Airbnb. Each time we fulfill these orders in a reliable, timely, and professional manner. These sprays of ‘common scents’ provide a beautiful and fragrant décor for guests lodging there on a skiing vacation. The only thing missing is a ‘Flowers on Board’ sign displayed in the back window of our delivery van. For indeed, precious cargo it is. After all, aren’t flowers just like babies in that they bring such joy and happiness? 😃

Oh, and of course, MERCURY ERRANDS also delivers Labellum floral arrangements year-round for any special occasion to all points Big Sky. This is the common sense approach to Big Sky floral delivery.

If you have any needs for courier, errand, or delivery services, MERCURY ERRANDS can help. Just call James at 406-600-9925.