How a Daily Errand and Courier Service Can Help Your Business.

Author Tom Grant
Reprinted from ExploreB2B, March 2, 2013.

Daily errand services are designed to save your business time and money. From express banking, mail duties, to outsourcing mundane and routine tasks, you can save your business valuable resources by using a specialised service firm.


It can improve your customer service rating.

Customer service plays a key role in how successful a company is. A company that places customer service as a main priority will reap many benefits, ranging from loyalty to increased profitability. The more satisfied your customer, the more likely he or she will refer your company to friends and associates. Operating a strong customer service department involves heavy responsibility for assuring prompt delivery of goods and services. Sometimes, this can put you or your firm under a lot of stress. This extra responsibility can cause employee frustration and lower productivity that can negatively affect customer service. You can lower your stress, and keep both your employees and customers happy, by assigning this delivery responsibility to a daily errand and courier service like Australia’s MailPlus.

It can improve your internal accounting.

Accounting department personnel are typically overworked and stressed out. Due to having to comply with tax laws, filing deadlines, deposit dates and other pertinent duties, workers can easily become overwhelmed. This can easily transfer over into missing required payroll deposits, failing to file tax returns on time, and other harmful occurrences that can put you and your firm under governmental scrutiny. You can effectively handle this situation, and protect yourself from possible punitive damages, by hiring the services of a daily errand courier company. All your accounting personnel need do is prepare the deposit or tax return, call the courier company and then focus on other tasks. A reputable courier company, like MailPlus, will make certain both items are done in a timely manner and promptly return the receipt or proof of delivery to you.

It can save you money.

Using a daily errand courier service can help your company budget. Instead of assigning employees to perform tasks, which takes them away from his or her position, the task will be handled by the courier firm. You will be optimizing company resources, instead of wasting them. Your productivity will improve. If your employee is a higher wage-earner, you may find that a courier service costs less. Since the courier uses its own vehicles and assumes all expenses, you will be saving on transportation expenses. By not using a company or employee vehicle, you will be saving on depreciation, gas, repairs and other operating expenses.

It can improve your professional image.

Not every business uses a daily errand and courier service. Using a daily errand and courier service will impress your customers, community members, and business associates. You can be assured of the service personnel arriving in proper attire, treating your recipient’s respectfully and professionally and leaving a favorable impression on everyone.

How do you find one?*

Find a reputable daily errand and courier service by going online and finding local ones. Or, ask your social networking circles for reputable sources. Join business networking groups to receive referrals. Send an email to firms you are interested in and determine whether you are comfortable with their response.

With so many benefits of using a daily errand and courier service, checking into one can be one of the best business decisions you make. Your employees and business associates will appreciate the speed, professionalism and reliability.

* No need to look any further than MERCURY ERRANDS. We’re here to help you! 🙂

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