Ready, Set…and Wait! | Anecdote by James

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Errand, delivery, and courier services in the greater Bozeman, Montana area.

In this series of anecdotes, the owner of MERCURY ERRANDS, James, relates to you a few of the experiences that make MERCURY ERRANDS what it is…a business dedicated to serving its customers. Here we go: Enjoy!

MERCURY ERRANDS comes through for our clients, even when we have to wait — and wait — and wait.

Take for example the time when we were hired by a Texas courier service to pick up a vibration analyzer, an instrument for determining the various types of vibrations that helicopters are subject to. No other courier service was available to do such a late night run, but MERCURY ERRANDS was willing, ready, and able to do the job.

We were to pick up the vibration analyzer at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport at 11:45. Then we were to deliver it to the air ambulance helicopter based at the West Yellowstone Airport, nearly 100 miles away, and approximately two hours from the Bozeman airport. This task did not seem to be problematic; we’ve made runs like this many times before.

The complications began, however, when we learned that the 11:45pm flight with the helicopter vibration tester had been cancelled due to a snowstorm. Not only that, the next day, we discovered that though the vibration analyzer had been scanned for departure — it never ended up on the intended flight. So, again we waited for another flight. At 2:00pm, with the desired part in hand, our driver drove the two-hour trip to West Yellowstone and delivered the vibration analyzer by 4pm. Success — finally!

Waiting is sometimes just part of the job. If you call 406-600-9925, James is waiting to talk to you. 🙂 At MERCURY ERRANDS, we get things done for you.