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Errand, delivery, and courier services in the greater Bozeman, Montana area.

In this series of anecdotes, the owner of MERCURY ERRANDS, James, relates to you a few of the experiences that make MERCURY ERRANDS what it is…a business dedicated to serving its customers. Here we go: Enjoy!

MERCURY ERRANDS had a unique experience back in the late summer of 2021. I still laugh, to this day, at the sequence of events that transpired on that trip.

James with Buffalo Bill Cody

James with Buffalo Bill Cody

We were hired by a client to deliver tableware from Montana Party Rentals to a wedding venue near Cody, Wyoming. With over two days of free time, we took in some of the local tourist attractions. The highlight of our visit was the Buffalo Bill Museum of the West, where we learned about “some of the greatest cowboys and cowgirls of the West.”

It all began two days before the wedding at the U-Haul in Bozeman. On this rare occasion, MERCURY ERRANDS opted to rent a cargo van to accommodate the high volume of cargo we would be transporting. However, the van got stuck in the mud on the way out of the parking lot. We tried and tried to move it, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Then, we tried a different van, and it also got stuck. Finally, U-Haul gave us a 20 ft. truck–at no extra charge, and we were on our way to Montana Party Rentals to pick up the tableware. In a short time, we left for our destination.

Four hours later, MERCURY ERRANDS arrived in Wapiti. It was a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. It was nestled in a rural area with large grassy fields and a backdrop of beautiful mountains. The property itself was owned by the grandfather of the groom-to-be. After meeting the wedding coordinator, we unloaded the supplies without any trouble or delays. With a sigh of relief, we left the site and made our way to our motel room in Cody, a half-hour away.

Now, the Wapiti area seldom has rain. However, on the wedding day, a heavy afternoon rainfall began shortly after the ceremony started. This resulted in an abbreviated ceremony, after which the 100 guests scurried for the nearby reception tent for cover. A total of seven inches fell that afternoon and evening.


The day after the wedding, MERCURY ERRANDS returned to the site to pick up the supplies. The rain-soaked grassy field was a big problem. Even with a big truck, we still got stuck several times on the sloped incline, trying to stage the truck for loading. Then we tried using the old cardboard trick under the wheels for traction. Problem solved! We loaded the truck, and even with the extra weight, we still had trouble getting enough traction to drive out of the field. Stuck again! But not for long!

Before returning to Bozeman, we went back to the Buffalo Bill Museum. We left there with a new appreciation for the many hardships endured by the pioneers of the Wild West. Truly, our troubles on this trip pale into insignificance against the backdrop of history. And oh, by the way, our trip home went off without a (wagon) hitch.  😀

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